If for some reason, your business needs a physical address (mail address) in one of the European Union countries, we are ready to offer you this service. The “EU virtual address” service is made for those of you whose main business activities are located outside the EU but in order to meet partner’s or due diligence requirements you have to present a mail address in EU.

An "EU virtual address" can also be used as a legal address for a Latvian Limited Company. The address we provide is not a P.O. box – it is a real mail address with real office space. At the early stage of development of the company, it is not necessary for an entrepreneur to rent an office and hire employees. The “EU virtual address” service will help you save on real office rent payments, office equipment, employees’ wages and other daily expenditures, but at the same time you will have the ability to receive correspondence from your partners and government institutions (if the address is used as the legal address for a Latvian Limited Company, you will receive correspondence from Latvian fiscal organs from time to time).

The "EU virtual office" service includes:

  • Collection of all correspondence sent to your name or the name of your company;
  • Forwarding of all correspondence sent to your name by e-mail, fax or regular mail;
  • Sending of letters on your behalf.

The price of the "EU virtual office" service depends on the amount of incoming and outgoing correspondence; minimum price is 50 USD/month. Ask us about our special offer if you are paying for several months in advance!

Special Offer

Only 1270$ for UK LLP or LTD with nominees and apostilled legal set of documents! Including courier.

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Now we offer SLP!

As you may noticed starting January 2015 we started to offer Scottish Limited Partnerships.



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