Scotland Limited Partnership (SLP) Formation Information

A Scotland Limited Partnership (SLP) can be incorporated within 10-15 working days.

Registered office requirements
The company’s registered office must be in Scotland.

Structure of the Company
Partnership requires a minimum of two partners (members). SLP partners (members) may be of any nationality and residents of any country. Partners (members) may be natural physical persons or corporate entities. At least one of the partners in the SLP must be nominated as “General Partner (i.e. “Managing Partner”) General partner in this case will be provided by the client as they are liable for all the management of company.

Authorized capital
For Scotland Partnerships common or standard authorized capital we set is £100 or £1000.

SLP companies in Scotland with members outside the UK and no business activities in the UK are not regarded as UK-taxable entities unless they elect to be so regarded. According to general UK tax procedures, the income of the Scotland LP company is treated as being the income of its members, and therefore taxable in the member’s countries of residence (usually the jurisdiction of incorporation, in the case of corporate members), in the respective proportions to which the members will benefit from the company income.

We recommend that in order to establish a clear position of Non-Residence for corporate taxation purposes, that the Members of a “Non-Resident Scotland SLP company" should be companies from tax-effective jurisdictions outside the European Community.

Annual renewal
Annual renewal fees (Government Fees, Registered Office fees, and if required, Nominee Service fees) are paid annually on the anniversary of the Scotland SLP company incorporation and every anniversary thereafter.

Scotland Limited Partnership (SLP) Company Formation Fees:

Standard package  
SLP Incorporation fee 500 USD
Annual License fee for SLP structures 600 USD



Additional services  
Apostille, 10-14 days 250 USD
Nominee partner (Non-EU entity, for SLP structure), p.a. 300 USD
Courier dispatch service 80-120 USD*
Filing of Annual returns & Dormant Accounts, p.a. 550 USD
Bookkeeping for active companies from 1000 USD**
Seal 50 USD

  *  Depends on the place of destination;
**  Price may vary and depends on the volume of work needed to be done.

In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.

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Now we offer SLP!

As you may noticed starting January 2015 we started to offer Scottish Limited Partnerships.



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